Discover the power of yoga and movement classes! See below our weekly offerings that fit your personality and activity level. Our approach is gentle, yet progressive. Regardless of experience, you are welcomed and supported at all of our Breathe classes!

Yoga for Mobility


6:30 - 7:30 pm



9:30 - 10:30 am


Create freedom in your movement with muscle and joint conditioning that relaxes and expands your connective tissues. Throughout this class, you will create increased body awareness, flexibility and circulation as well as balanced mental and spiritual states.

Whether you're an athlete, working a repetitive job, recently recovered from injury/surgery or simply looking to increase your self-awareness and ability to move with greater ease... Yoga for Mobility is for you. Join us today!

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Restorative Yoga


9:30 - 10:30 am


NEW six week class series, Restorative Yoga for Joint Health, begins May 5!


Restorative Yoga is our most gentle class offering, which provides a wonderful opportunity to rejuvenate the body-mind-spirit. This is a softer practice designed to bring you back to your natural state of wellness through breath and body awareness, muscle warming techniques, gentle stretching postures and moments of stillness.


Guided meditation is offered to assist in navigating your mind into a calm and observant state. Gojira sings, "You have the power to heal yourself," so join us to discover your ability to renew and restore.


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Total Body Yoga


6:30 - 7:30 pm


Strength and endurance conditioning combine with meditative yoga to create a diverse, alternating weekly class just for you. Total Body Yoga progressively develops your upper and lower body, with emphasis on core strength, and fluctuates with styles of Westernized “Hatha” and Flow/Vinyasa.

Join us for Total Body Yoga! In as little as four weeks, you will begin to see and feel improvements in your physical and mental strength, stability and stamina. Create the positive change you wish to see in your life. Get started today!

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Individualized Yoga & Movement Guidance

By Appointment


Need more space?


Personalized yoga and/or movement guidance is a phenomenal way to boost knowledge, stability and confidence in your practice. Similar to how our massage therapists tailor their treatments to suit client needs, we will customize a system of movement just for you and will practice by your side in accomplishing your wellness aspirations.


Call us today to determine your exclusive, individualized movement class!

FREE Meditation


7:00 pm


Our meditation class comprises a small, informal group that meets each Sunday to share in meditation. The goals are to have an opportunity to practice meditation from several traditions, to experience the energy of meditating in a group and to build encouragement for your individual practice.


Meditation helps you relax, cope with stress, encourage healthy balance and build calmness. Above all, meditation assists you in understanding the processes of your mind, and through that understanding, you can begin to experience the true nature of the world and your place within it. Absolute beginners to seasoned practitioners welcome.


*Available via recording - only virtually at this time. Tune in now!