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Tai chi is a form of exercise that coordinates breathing and gentle movement to improve the flow of energy throughout the entire body. This gentle exercise form is particularly good for improving balance and proprioception -- knowing where your body parts are relative to the rest of your body and your surroundings.

In addition to improving overall mood state, tai chi combines with Traditional Chinese Medicine to manage chronic disease by facilitating a lifestyle that promotes wellness and well-being among people of all ages. Tai chi is easy to learn, self-paced and non-competitive.

Level 1-2 = Gentle to Intermediate

Intensity/Exertion = Low to Moderate

Tai Ji Quan | Andrew Schlabach | Lang Tang, Nepal from Andrew Schlabach on Vimeo.

Student Guidelines

Many students prefer to own their own mat, although we do have mats in the studio you're welcome to use.  (Mats are available for purchase as well.)

Some students are very scent-sensitive; therefore, we ask that you kindly not wear perfume, cologne or heavy scents in class.

Please remove your shoes upon entering the studio (symbolic of leaving your 'troubles' at the door) and bring clean, bare feet to your practice time.  Wearing socks is optional, but you will want to remove them during standing poses for safety.

Feel free to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move and stretch without restriction.

You may want to avoid eating anything except a light snack/meal for about one hour prior to your class.

You will also want to bring a water bottle into the classroom.



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